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The Next Super Bowl Won't Have Any Iconic American Ads If You're Watching In Canada

Canada's Supreme Court punted the ads out of the country.
The Next Super Bowl Won't Have Any Iconic American Ads If You're Watching In Canada

Even if you're not a fan of football and haven't actually watched a Super Bowl game, you've definitely heard of the iconic ads. But there's some bad news for Canadians who look forward to the commercials. Super Bowl ads in Canada won't be the same ones shown in the U.S. now.

On December 19, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a decision that let Canadians see those highly anticipated American ads that air during the Super Bowl each year.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) overstepped when it lifted a rule that stopped Canadians from seeing American commercials during the Super Bowl.

In 2016, the CRTC decided that when it comes to the Super Bowl, putting publicity from Canada in place of that from the U.S., even on American channels, was not in the public interest. 

So in 2017, Canadian viewers were able to see those American commercials that some find more entertaining than the actual football game.

Now that rule is back in place, so you won't be able to see those ads that are sometimes weird and a little odd but still entertaining while you're watching the Super Bowl in 2020. 

Unfortunately, people have said the Canadian publicity that will replace them isn't up to the same standard as the American ones.

Some people complained about missing out on those anticipated commercials, especially after getting a taste of them in the past.

For instance, during Super Bowl LIII on February 3, 2019, between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, Canadians were able to see the same TV spots that Americans saw, like a touching one from Google about translation.

There was even an ad for Olay with Sarah Michelle Gellar that was a play on those scary movies where some masked killer is in the house.

Commercials throughout the years have been talked about endlessly and even created trends like saying "Whassup," which was from a 1999 Budweiser commercial.

So you might be stuck with Canadian ads from now on, but don't worry.

If you really want to see the commercials shown in the U.S., you'll probably be able to find them online after the big game.

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