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You Can Stay Inside A Gorgeous Castle In Canada For Super Cheap This Summer

Every princess needs her castle 🏰

 Canada is really lacking in castles. Europe and even other formerly colonized countries around the world tend to wipe the floor with us when it comes to castles. Ours are so far and few between and so many of them are totally inaccessible for the average peasants. But there's one stunning castle on Canada's East Coast where you can actually rent out a room for super cheap! This place is totally worth a road-trip this summer and is almost guaranteed to be the most regal of accommodations you stay at this year.

The inside of the castle has been transformed into updated modern condos so they're clean, comfortable and really homey inside with original features like wood staircases, exposed brick, stained glass windows and archways all carefully preserved. Living like kings and queens has never been so easy!

For your average castle, you might expect to spend thousands of dollars for the privilege of getting to spend a night inside the ancient walls. This castle is totally affordable for travellers with rates starting at just $158 per night. There are a few suites inside the castle available to rent on Airbnb whether you're looking for two-person suites or four-person suites.

Located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Castle Manor Estate dates back to 1905 making it well over 100 years old. The Gothic-style castle is totally unique in Canada and it's a must-see for anyone planning a trip to the East Coast. If you've never stayed inside a castle, then this is your chance to live out your Game of Thrones fantasy right here in Canada! There's even a graphic mural on the building that gives it a whole look and makes for a pretty unreal photo-op.

To find out more about this Canadian castle, you can visit the Facebook page for Castle Manor in Moncton, NB.