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Canada's Supreme Court Judges Posted A Traditional New Portrait But All We See Is Santa

The Supreme Court traditional robes look a little familiar ...

Now that Halloween is officially over and November is in full-swing, Canadians are already debating whether or not it is too early to start preparing for the festive-season. While some people will refuse to get Christmassy until December, and others will be putting up their tree as early as this weekend, the Supreme Court of Canada judges’ “Santa outfits” have major Christmas vibes, and the internet is loving it.

In a recent photo posted to Twitter, Canada’s nine current Supreme Court judges can be seen posing for a photo in their traditional red court robes. While these robes don’t actually have any festive significance, they look remarkably similar to Christmas Santa suits, and Canadian Twitter is not about to let the Supreme Court forget it!

Sharing the original photo on Monday morning, the Supreme Court of Canada's official Twitter page simply wrote, “Official photo of the nine current judges of the Supreme Court of Canada.” However, the post was quickly taken over by many comments from Canadians making Christmas jokes about the festive-looking court attire.

In the picture, the nine judges can be seen dressed in long, scarlet-red robes with a white fur trim. The hooded style robe with the white, fluffy sleeves definitely looks somewhat festive, and it’s hardly surprising that quick-witted Canadians were on-hand with immediate banter.

One Twitter user responded to the festive-looking photo to joke, “There’s no commerce clause in the Canadian constitution but there are 9 Santa Clauses!"

Another shared a similarly festive joke, adding, “This pic alone should give Canada all rights to the Arctic."

In response to the original post, another Canadian joked, “In my day, Santa was a man and there was only one. God damn millennials."

While another retweeted the photo and added, “Seasons Greetings from Canada’s Supreme Court!"

Sadly, Canada’s Supreme Court judges are not actually dressed up to honour the Christmas spirit, but are instead wearing their “ceremonial robes.” The Santa-looking red robes are actually reserved for special occasions in the Court, Senate or Parliament, and they’re only worn occasionally.

For daily court sittings, the judges will wear much-less-festive black silk robes, which are lighter, less-fluffy and apparently much more comfortable.

As it will be officially Christmas next month, it’s nice to see Canada’s highest judges getting well and truly into the festive spirit, whether it’s deliberate or not!

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