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These Are All Your Fav Shows You Had No Idea Were Filmed In Vancouver

Most TV shows are filmed in Canada!
These Are All Your Fav Shows You Had No Idea Were Filmed In Vancouver

Most TV shows take place somewhere in America, but what's ironic is that most of those shows are actually filmed in Canada, more specifically Vancouver. It's probably because of our ability to be both a forest and city with only having to drive literally 20 minutes between each, or because of how much cheaper it is to film in Canada. You probably won't believe how many of your favourite shows are filmed here. Here are all the TV shows that are filmed in Vancouver


Supernatural is about to enter its last season on the air. After 15 years of the Winchester brothers adventures, it's coming to a close. In those 15 years, the show filmed in Vancouver every season. Besides the pilot, which was filmed in LA, all of the shows 307 episodes were filmed on location and in studio in British Columbia.


Riverdale has only been on the air for 4 seasons and every one of those seasons was filmed in Vancouver or the surrounding area. Riverdale High is actually a high school in Vancouver called John Oliver Secondary School and Veronica Lodge's house is actually a popular building in Vancouver called The Permanent, that's rented out for events. The cast has also talked about renting out homes together during filming!


Lucifer has done a lot of revamping over the course of their four years, they were canceled and then renewed by Netflix. Their filming location has also changed since they first started the show. The pilot of the show was filmed in Los Angeles but then picked up in Vancouver for the first two seasons. Seasons 3, 4, & 5 are now filmed back in LA.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a spinoff of Riverdale, was one of Netflix's biggest shows that premiered last year. Because of the foresty atmosphere that the show needed to set their creepy vibe, Vancouver was definitely the right choice for them. The creepy forest scenes are actually parks in and around the Vancouver area-Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby, Belcarra Regional Park in Belcarra, and Panther Paintball in Surrey.


Arrow, like Supernatural, is coming to an end after their next season. That means if you ever want to catch a glimpse of them filming you better head out this summer! Arrow uses more of Vancouver's city-scape to film on location but sometimes their in need of a forest when they filmed flashback scenes in the earlier seasons. The other shows in the same universe as Arrow like Supergirl, The Flash, and Agents Of Shield, are also all filmed in Vancouver.

The 100 

The 100, like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, definitely needed a lot of forests, so Vancouver was the obvious choice. The parks that they use to get their post-apocalyptic vibe are Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver and Upper Coquitlam River Park. They have needed to film on city streets when the whole storyline of AI was a thing. For that, they used downtown Vancouver.

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is the show on this list that spends most of its time in the studio. One of the most notable exterior shots of the show is the Hospital they work at; San Jose St. Bonaventure. This 'hospital' is actually the city hall of Surrey, British Columbia and is located in downtown Vancouver.

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