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Suwannee River In Florida Has Major Boho Vibes Waiting To Be Explored

Tucked away in the Panhandle is a small town with major hippie vibes. Visit Live Oak and the Suwannee River in Florida to discover hidden gems that'll give you a spiritual experience with nature. You can explore Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park or cross The Bridge to Nowhere. This bohemian wonderland is the perfect place to wander. 

Live Oak is located halfway between Tallahassee and Jacksonville, at about a 1.5-hour drive to either city. This quick road trip is perfect if you live in North Florida.

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One of the local treasures in this unique city is the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. This peaceful spot hosts several music events every year, including the Suwannee River Jam and Suwannee Roots Festival. 

The park features incredible art, including a massive troll designed by Thomas Dambo for a Halloween festival. Named Snorra of Suwannee, this giant sculpture is a popular spot for photos.  

Snorra is made from recycled materials and was designed to look like she is emerging from the park's lake to eat festival-goers. Instead of being demolished after the festival, Snorra still resides in the park. 

Just four minutes down the road from the music park is the Bridge to Nowhere, an abandoned bridge covered in colorful graffiti. You can't drive over it, so park your car and wander across this magical structure by foot.  

The bridge dates back to the 1930s and is officially called the Suwannee Springs Bridge.

Visitors have decorated this trippy bridge with a rainbow of messages and beautiful art.

When life gets tough, there's nothing like a hippie wonderland to lift your spirits. Throw on your flare jeans and heart-shaped shades and roam this boho Florida town in style.

Live Oak

Address: Live Oak, FL

Why You Need To Go: Get in touch with your inner flower child and explore this boho wonderland. 

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