Colorado Is Home To An Eccentric 'Zoo' With Massive Metal Sculptures

A garden of metal masterpieces.
Swetsville Zoo In Colorado Is Home To Giant Sculptures In Place Of Live Animals

Lions and tigers and... giant metal spiders? You may think you've seen it all, but Swetsville Zoo in Colorado is home to giant sculptures in place of live animals, and you can visit for a wild experience unlike any other. If you've seen your share of penguins and zebras, why not try a towering two-headed dragon?

Your childhood may have been filled with visits to the local zoo, but this spot will instill a new type of nostalgia.

Swetsveille Zoo in Fort Collins, Colorado offers eccentric creations for visitors who want a taste of the unusual.

You can give a donation when you visit, but it is free to explore the wonderful and wild sculptures that dot the property.

A stone castle reaches toward the sky while a marvelous dragon peak out from a vintage icebox.

All the metal formations were built by the owner, Bill Swets, who started making his fascinating creations in 1985.

Now visitors come from all around to check out this one of a kind zoo and snap some seriously incredible photos.

You can trek through a wooded path sprinkled with oddities, and it's hard to believe such an impressive display came from one person over a couple of decades.

Throughout the area, you'll find the giant spider which is built from an old BMW bug shell and long metallic legs, exotic dinosaur formations, whimsical creatures, and odd combinations.

While visiting a zoo filled with actual animals can be an educational and exciting trip, this spot will awaken your imagination and transport you to something that could easily have come from Edward Scissorhands or Beetlejuice.

You'll want to make sure to stop at every exhibit and snap some epic photos, as the farm might not be around forever.

It is currently up for sale, but you can still visit until the property is sold.

This zoo is sure to check off several boxes on your bucket list if your bucket list includes seeing an alien, dinosaur, or giant spider the size of a small house.

Swetsville Zoo

Price: Free

When: Year-round

Address: 4801 E. Harmony Rd., Fort Collins, CO

Why You Need To Go: You can explore wild hand-made structures at this eccentric zoo/sculpture garden.