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You Can Take This Short Hike In North Carolina To A Clear-Water Swimming Hole

Don't let the name fool you - there is no skinny dipping.
Swimming Hole In North Carolina Is The Best Spring Adventure

Phil The Groundhog saw his shadow yesterday so spring is right around the corner, which means time for swimming holes and waterfall chasing. Spots that permit swimming can be difficult to find, but if you really search, you'll find the best spots. This swimming hole in North Carolina not only allows swimming but encourages it on a hot, summer day. 

Skinny Dip Falls is on the Blue Ridge Parkway right by Asheville, North Carolina. Contrary to the name, this is not a clothing-optional spot, sorry to disappoint. The entire hike, there and back, is just under a mile, coming in at around 0.9 miles.

It's an easy to moderate hike that won't leave you sweating bullets, which is what most of us look for in trails during the warmer months. You can even bring your pup if you want!

The falls are actually a set of cascading falls that all flow into huge, clear pools of water at each level. The different levels are nice because you can choose which pool you want to get in depending on how many people are at this spot.

There are even a few cliff-like rocks that you can jump off of into the bottom pool, which is the deepest. 

You'll come to notice that even though this trail is relatively easy, you have to watch your step as you descend. There are many roots and rocks that protrude from the forest floor, but this just adds to the experience.

Before you get to your destination, you'll pass the "Dragon Tree." This tree literally looks like a dragon with its twists and shape and is said to possibly be a Native American trail marker tree. Make sure to snap a photo because you'll probably never see another tree like this again. 

Shortly after passing the Dragon Tree, you'll start hearing the sound of rushing water, and probably laughs and splashes of visitors.

To get to the actual falls, you have to walk down a set of wooden stairs that weave throughout the forest. You'll be able to hang out on the multiple rocks and large boulders that are right next to the pools and falls until you're ready to take the plunge. 

If you want the best views of Skinny Dip Falls, the wooden bridge right above the falls is the place to go.

You'll be able to see the upper and lower parts of the falls which will be a very relaxing sight to see. 

Skinny Dip Falls 

Price: Free

Address: Blue Ridge Pkwy., Canton, NC

Why You Need To Go: This super easy hike will take you through a hardwood forest and to a cascading waterfall with crystal clear pools. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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