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swinging bridge in virginia

Even though swinging and suspension bridges are normally pretty safe, you still might not feel too secure while walking across them. However, if you muster the courage, you'll not only get a thrill but usually, you'll get some pretty spectacular views too. There's actually a swinging bridge in Virginia that's been around for hundreds of years that you can still visit right now. 

The Buchanan Swinging Bridge in Buchanan, Virginia is 366-feet-long and 57.5 feet off the ground. A portion of the bridge date all the way back to 1851.

This bridge has been through many floods, has seen the Hunter’s Civil War Raid and the rerouting of U.S. Route 11. Being a landmark of the city, this attraction continues to be regularly renovated for locals and thrill-seeking tourists. 

The bridge only allows three people on at a time and has a sign that highly discourages running because the bridge will sway more than it should. 

The bridge is surrounded by views of the Blue Ridge Mountains which makes for incredible pictures on this heart-racing attraction. 

Since this spot has been around for more than 150 years, the bridge is registered as a Virginia historic landmark.

There are many places to explore around the bridge with multiple spots to have a picnic. It's also fun for people to sit and watch those attempting to cross the bridge.

There's no fee to cross the bridge or to hang out around it, so this is a fun and free activity to do outdoors on a boring weekend. 

Not to mention, this is the only bridge of its kind on the entire James River, so it's worth taking a visit to.

As of now, this spot is still open to the public, but social distancing is still highly encouraged on your adventures. 

Buchanan Swinging Bridge 

Price: Free

Address: 9908 Main St., Buchanan, VA 

Why You Need To Go: This swinging bridge is still open to the public and is completely free to visit.