Swoop Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Someone Lit A Cigarette On Board

A group of Canadian Swoop airline passengers became stranded on Wednesday evening after their plane was forced to land in Regina. The Swoop flight, which was on its way to London, Ontario, made an emergency landing after smoke began to fill the cabin. Thankfully, no one was injured.

According to CJME, those on board were informed that the smoke had come from a lit a cigarette. However, the passengers did not receive further updates until 6:00 a.m. Regina Airport’s customer service department eventually booked hotel stays for the stranded passengers.

Regina Airport president James Bogusz confirmed to the news outlet that fire crews came to the airport after the plane landed as a precautionary measure.

In a statement to Narcity, Swoop said that  the “aircraft was diverted from London, ON to Regina on route to Edmonton late yesterday evening due to cigarette smoke coming from an undetermined source in the cabin of the plane."

"Failing to find the source of cigarette smoke, the plane was safely diverted to Regina. Swoop’s number one priority is safety and our pilots followed proper operations protocol given the situation."

“The aircraft landed without incident, and all travellers were safely offloaded. Swoop is currently working with authorities, and select travellers were interviewed given smoking is illegal on any aircraft. Swoop will continue to work with authorities as the investigation continues,” the statement continued.

Dave McCorkle, a passenger on the plane, told CBC that the airline had put the stranded travellers up at a hotel later the same morning. However, Swoop also informed him that he would have to wait until 9:30 p.m. for a replacement aircraft to arrive.