Who doesn't love free food? 

With how much everyone's been dining in this year, $10,000 in groceries will go a long way. Think of all the frozen pizzas and ice cream you could buy! 

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It's time to start digging out those old and forgotten tickets. 

According to OLG, several unclaimed Ontario lottery tickets are about to expire and the prizes are jaw-dropping.

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It can always be worse. Canada's daily COVID-19 cases are on track to avoid the worst case scenario laid out in the country's latest modelling, but health experts warn that its still not looking good. 

Canada's latest projections for the pandemic, which were put out on November 20, showed a worst case scenario that involved over 10,000 daily cases at the start of December.

On December 4, as of 7p.m. ET, the country reported 6300 new daily cases. 

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For those who are seeking a new adventure that actually puts a little bit of money in your pocket, then this is the list for you, as it will show you some U.S. cities that are actually paying you to move there.

Some of these cities are even paying off student loan debts, which a lot of fresh 2020 graduates could use right about now. 

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Dix mille piasses. C'est peut-être pas le gros lot, mais tu peux rembourser une bonne partie de tes dettes d'études avec ça, te payer un ostifie de gros voyage de luxe ou upgrader ton char lors de ton prochain achat/location.

Peu importe, si t'es ben timide, que t'aimes pas avoir l'air niaiseux ou même si on te demandait de quoi de vraiment dégueu, pour 10 000$, je suis sûre qu'y'a beaucoup de choses que tu serais prêt à faire... Penses-y! Tu ferais quoi avec cet argent?

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