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Friendly neighbors, safe streets, excellent schools, and quieter regions near bustling cities are all qualities some of the best small towns in America share in common. To find the best small towns to live in across America, Stacker referenced Niche's Best Places to Live study, released in August 2021, which ranked American towns by overall quality of life. The variables used by Niche include cost of living, health and fitness, and weather. Any town with more than 40,000 people was excluded.

The top cities on this list run the gamut from long-established villages in the suburbs of New York City to planned communities in Virginia and Texas. They feature stops on the Underground Railroad, buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, and community traditions—apple festivals, communal gardens, ice cream socials, and harvest markets—reflecting their roots as farming towns.

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Quebec reinstated an 8 p.m. curfew in Montreal and Laval on Sunday, April 11, and residents took to the streets to protest. 

Over 1,000 people gathered in Montreal's Old Port on Sunday night in defiance of the earlier curfew, smashing windows and starting fires before police eventually broke everything up. 

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Alors que le couvre-feu à Montréal et Laval est officiellement passé de 21 h 30 à 20 h ce dimanche 11 avril, une manifestation anti-couvre-feu s'est déclenchée dans le Vieux-Port de Montréal. 

Celle-ci a rapidement dégénéré et s'est terminée en grabuge, causant de nombreux dégâts à travers la ville. 

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Cette saison de L'amour est dans le pré, c'est le festival de l'accolade. Si certains agriculteurs ont fait jaser par le passé en embrassant plus d'une prétendante, les fans n'ont pas ce plaisir cette saison et, disons-le, ils n'attendent que ça.

Sur les réseaux sociaux, ils sont plusieurs à réclamer des baisers entre les agriculteurs et leurs prétendants, surtout pour le couple d'Alex et David qui se sont choisis depuis un moment. 

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Trends may come and go, but what's always in style? Sustainability, of course.

Not only is being an eco-conscious consumer très cool, but it's also increasingly becoming a way of life.

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