You don't always need to break your bank to live in the 6ix. There are plenty of cheap apartments for rent in Toronto and the surrounding areas. So grab a friend to live with, and check out these two-bedroom spots for just $850 a person. 

According to Powered By Orange, Toronto is the most expensive city to live in Canada, and its surrounding areas don’t offer much relief.

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Rent in Ottawa isn't anywhere near cities like Toronto and Vancouver, but it is still expensive AF. Depending on where you want to live in the city, the question of 'can I just afford to buy a house instead?' usually always pops into your head. Thinking of paying rent aka throwing away your money in places like Barrhaven and Orleans is actually devastating, but hey, someone has to do it. 

Once you go apartment shopping in Ottawa, you realize a few things. You'll either be broke, far from your family and friends, far from your job, or all three. It's a sacrifice that you have to make to find the perfect apartment. However, beautiful and relatively affordable places are here in Ottawa, you just have to look for them.

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