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416 snack bar

Do you ever look at a menu and realize you could probably get full from the appetizers alone? In Toronto, there's a restaurant dedicated to small plates that's perfect for those who prefer variety over a single entrée. It's so good, even Drake brings his crew there.

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It's Friday! You are probably planning your night with your friends, by saying that you'll just go out for one drink at a chill place to then go home early and watch How To Get Away With Murder. Are you that naive?

This is what's actually going to happen:

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Toronto was ranked the 12th most expensive city in the world this year by a UBC study. Since being a foodie is in your veins now, here's where to eat for cheap if the city that is making you poor.

Read on, get hungry, and save some money:

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It's that moment when all you have is a $5 bill yet you still want a four course meal.

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“Give a good person a good oyster and you’ll have em forever”

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