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Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through TikTok after two hours and wondering how you can get paid for using the app? Well, we've got good news: a new contest means you might be able to.

Calm, the meditation and sleep app, just announced a new competition in which a TikTok user can win $5,000 for recording "your own sleep story."

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New data modelling from the Ontario government says that the province could see around 5,000 cases a day by mid-January if Ontario's COVID-19 numbers don't start to improve soon.

In a press conference and presentation on Thursday, Ontario officials also announced that cases are very likely to go up if restrictions in the province were eased.

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It was another record-breaking day related to COVID-19 in Canada.

On November 21, four different provinces reported single-day highs for new positive tests, as the country overall confirmed nearly 5,000 new cases in just 24 hours.

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If this year has taught us anything, it's that there are tons of benefits to cooking and eating at home. We've been able to save money on food, learn new recipes, and trust that we can actually whip up great meals without always resorting to dining out.

Still, it can be tough to find fresh ways to spice up your favourite dishes or take new recipes to the next level.

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