Various airlines have reported a total of 51 flights over the past two weeks arriving at Toronto Pearson airport with COVID-19 positive passengers on board.

In keeping with Canada's regular reporting, the flights are listed on the official government website along with all other flights landing in or leaving from the country with COVID-19 positive passengers. 

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Hopping on a plane and soaring to new places might be what you're needing to break out of that cabin fever, and what better way to make your escape than snagging up cheap flights from Atlanta? Tickets are going for next to nothing right now so get ready to head to Hartfield-Jackson Airport. From Orlando to Denver, available low-cost flights can be found to them all.

Flying out of Atlanta to one of these seven cities across the US could be what you've been looking for after spending months cooped up on the couch compiling your bucket list of dreamy destinations.

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