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In the wake of Toronto's mourning of the G.R.O.A.T (greatest Raptor of all time), Kyle Lowry himself came forward with his final parting words to the city he considers his second home.

On August 4, two days after his sign-and-trade to Miami was announced, Lowry took to his Instagram to write a heartfelt (and utterly tear-jerking) goodbye to all of his fans and supporters throughout the past nine years he spent in the 6ix as a Toronto Raptor.

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Halloween is just days away, and whether you're planning on staying in or hanging out with your bubble, its time to get creative.

You can represent The 6ix this spooky season with these Toronto-themed Halloween costumes.

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As Ontario continues to battle the second wave of COVID-19, hundreds of new cases are being reported on the daily. 

A large number of positive cases flooded back into the 6ix this month and Toronto's COVID-19 cases continue to make up a large portion of the provincial total. 

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We are already into the second weekend in August here in Toronto, and as the weather cools down we are already having our summer withdrawals.

But no need to be bummed out, because summer isn't over, and with tons of things to do around the city this weekend, you'll be sure to enjoy your last month of warm weather in the best ways. 

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Unbelievable has two different meanings here; first, some of these insane combinations are so delicious we can't believe it. Second? We're still trying to get our heads around the idea that some of these actually exist outside our dreams.

Toronto is no stranger to innovative food combinations, from the CNE in 2016 , to the legendary (and slightly concerning) doughnut sushi - you think we would have covered all the bases by now. But that's where the beauty of foodie's minds really start to shine, they aren't limited by what's supposed to go together. Burgers with grilled cheese buns? Sure. A pizza that tastes exactly like a big mac? Why not. Combining what seems like every type of chip, candy and cake in one delicious square? FIRE ME UP.

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