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7 west cafe

There are a lot of places to eat in Toronto and the GTA, and some are open late enough to satisfy those post-midnight cravings you get before you hit the sack.

Whether you're getting home from a long day of work and just need some sugar to end off the day, or need some savoury eats after a night of partying, there's a spot in the 6ix for everyone to munch at before dawn hits.

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Photo cred - Glass Dreams

School is back in session and with that comes great responsibility and/or procrastination. Whether you are a student who operates better late at night or a student who leaves everything for the last minute and has mastered the all-nighter these spots are for you! These Toronto locations are open 24 hours and are great for studying or for feeding you on your well-deserved study breaks.

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Photo cred - Niimkii Photography

McDonalds? Seriously? C’mon guys let’s be a bit more high browed than that shall we?

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