Burlington is easily one of the most basic cities in the GTA, but that's why we love it.

Coming back from school and visiting home is always something to look forward to, especially when it consists of constantly running into old friends at Joe Dogs and spending ample time outside at the waterfront or escarpment.  If you're from Burlington you're bound to relate to at least some of these!

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If you have a (905) number in Toronto you will feel the shame soon enough if you haven't already. The easiest way to end any conversation with a born-and-raised Torontonian is to bust out your (905) digits. City slickers can spot a (905) - er from a mile away. They can smell the farm animals, the transit anxiety and the polite nature on you.

If you are thanking the TTC driver you are most likely a (905) - er. Your number might turn any conversation from great to awkward in a matter of seconds. (905) shaming is normal in Toronto though so don't feel too bad about it -- there's someone out there just like you. Here are some of the reactions you might receive once you give out your digits:

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