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While flu season in Canada is underway, activity is actually below average for this time of year according to government data.

The Public Health Agency of Canada releases weekly reports about the situation across the country.

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Move that bod! For the first time ever, Canada has new 24-hour movement guidelines to break down the days and get Canadians moving so that they can start living their absolute best life.

The new tool, shared by ParticipACTION, is made specifically for adults in the True North. 

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Escape rooms are always so much fun. Whether you're the person that does all the work or the person that follows along, they are a perfect way to spend the night with your friends. Ottawa has so many unique escape rooms and this jail is definitely one of them. 

The people responsible for the largest escape room in the world have once again created an epic escape room. Whether you've seen it in movies, shows, or video games the 'escaping out of jail' scene is iconic. You can officially be a part of the escape scene as you try to break your way out of jail. 

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One of the hottest trends in the last few years, there are a number of Escape Rooms to be found in BC. If you've tried one, you already know: the rush; the thrill; the adrenaline; and the frustration. All of that tied together with an endless amount of laughs makes for a pretty amazing outing. 

If you haven't been to an Escape Room (or know what it is), let's break down the appeal. You bring yourself and your best friends, you get to flex your brain muscles to solve some amazing puzzles and if you fail - you just laugh, because in the end it's all jokes. 

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What are all you cat lovers doing this weekend? Have you made sure your cat has had its weekly exercise? Or maybe you don't have a cat but are a feline fanatic and would love nothing more than to be surrounded by the adorable creatures for a purr-fect afternoon. Well, we have just the thing for you. 

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