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If you're looking to escape the bustle of the city, this Ontario cottage for sale is the place to go. 

1164 Clearwater Shores Blvd. in Port Carling, Ontario, is affordable, yet luxurious, cottage living at its best.

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Living in a barn may not sound very glamorous, but this dreamy Ontario home for sale proves otherwise.

Located in Leeds & The Thousand Islands, the converted barn is surrounded by peaceful countryside and costs $880,000.

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NASA's new Mars rover, dubbed Perseverance, continues to shock the world as it explores Earth's cosmic neighbor.*

But it turns out the team that designed and built the rover decided to hide some clever messages on it, and they left it up to the public to figure out what and where they were.

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Durant la dernière année, les Canadiens ont peut-être vu le premier ministre Justin Trudeau plus souvent qu'à l'habitude. Toutefois, ce n'est pas évident d'avoir un aperçu de l'intérieur Rideau Cottage, sa résidence. 

Le photographe officiel du premier ministre, Adam Scotti, a récemment partagé une série nommée « A photographic year in review » où il est possible d'en voir davantage sur la vie du PM en 2020.

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Over the last year, Canadians may have seen more of Justin Trudeau than ever before. However, it’s rare to get a glimpse inside Rideau Cottage. Until now, that is.

The prime minister’s official photographer, Adam Scotti, recently shared “A photographic year in review,” which gives us some insight into the prime minister’s life over the last year.

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