adelaide street

An unexpected road closure in the heart of downtown Toronto over the weekend is going to last much longer than most people would've anticipated.

Following a watermain break at King Street and University Avenue on Sunday afternoon, the City of Toronto has said construction work to fix it up will last about two weeks.

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One of Netflix Canada's newest and hottest shows, Jupiter's Legacy, is an intricate and dramatic superhero show that became the world's #1 show on Netflix on Sunday, May 9.

If you've been binging the show and you're wondering where Jupiter's Legacy filming locations were, then wonder no more — the show is jam-packed full of Toronto and Ontario landmarks and here are just a few of the most notable examples.

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King West is often denounced as the most pretentious of Toronto's downtown neighbourhoods, characterized as the land of egos, extravagance and expensive drinks. Sure Liberty Village may be a little bit yuppy and City Place the hookup capital of Toronto, but people hear King West, immediately scrunch up their nose in detest and assume its residents are either investment bankers, the kids of investment bankers still living off of mommy and daddy's credit card, or just insane humans who want to dedicate a monthly mortgage to living in a 750-sq foot one-bedroom apartment.

If you're currently spending $100 on two bags of groceries and falling asleep nightly to the sweet sounds of club beats and street altercations, this ones for you.

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