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There's definitely sexual content in Netflix's upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde, but star Ana de Armas says it's no worse than what you might see somewhere else.

The actress recently defended the movie after she was asked about its NC-17 rating, which has been the big headline around this flick ahead of its debut. It's the first-ever movie to get that label from Netflix, although de Armas insists it's not that explicit.

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The internet was simply in awe of Ana de Armas on Thursday, after Netflix shared a first-look trailer of the actress playing -- you might even say becoming -- Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film Blonde.

The 53-second teaser shows de Armas as Monroe crying in front of a mirror while being consoled, before cutting to various memorable moments from her career. It ends with her doing Monroe signature giggle/laugh of joy in front of that same mirror.

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If there's one thing most adults probably don't love about the aquarium, it's the fact that they can't fully enjoy the fishies without the kiddies running about. Thankfully The Florida Aquarium in Tampa is thinking about their adult fans, giving them a chance to experience the aquarium like never before next month — in the dark at an adult's only overnight sleepover!

The event, being called Leap With The Fishes, will be a celebration of the 2020 Leap Year and the aquarium's 25 years in business full of sea life viewing, bringing with it its first-ever over-night slumber party.

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While we may be aging, that doesn't mean that our spirit has grown up yet. Inside all of us is a little kid waiting to come out, and all it takes is something to remind us of our childhood and all that sweet, sweet nostalgia comes flowing back. If you're looking for things to do in Florida that will inspire that feeling, look no further than this list.

From boozy Capri-sun-like juice pouches to arcade bars with retro vibes, to Dragon Ball Z eateries and inflatable theme parks for adults, you'll find a little bit of everything on this list.

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The worst part about being an adult is realizing you aren't a kid anymore. The museums that we once were the kings & queens of are now overrun with kids of our friends or our own; thankfully we can unleash our inner kid again soon at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa this weekend.

Adults 18 and up can enjoy free reign of the museum without any kids — enjoying hands-on exhibits, cool science experiments, rockets, a chance to work with robotics and much more.

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