If you bought side tables from Winnners, Home Sense, or Marshalls, take note, as certain models were recently recalled because of an electric shock hazard.

In a press release Wednesday, the Government of Canada advised the public of the faulty furniture that was apparently sold in 2019.

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Health Canada continuously updates data about potential exposure to COVID-19 on flights, both domestic and international. 

So far in the month of January, the "affected rows" column has been marked as "all rows" for four different international flights. 

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Check your freezers, Canada! Multiple Kawartha ice cream products are being recalled by the company, due to the possible presence of pieces of metal.

In a notice shared on November 29, the federal government confirmed that Kawartha Dairy Limited was recalling a number of its products.

The reason for the recall, per the notice, is due to “extraneous material,” which in this case refers to pieces of metal.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the federal government has launched a number of different COVID-19 benefits in Canada.

Some programs, like the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) have already been shut down, while others are relatively new and continue to change.

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On Tuesday, a Ring Doorbell recall in Canada was issued because they could catch on fire if installed incorrectly.

Health Canada is recalling the second generation of the Ring Video Doorbell and 8,700 units of these affected products were sold here.

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