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When it comes to choosing seats on a flight, we all know they're not created equal, and that's why one airline is dangling some big prizes to get you to book the least-desired spots.

There really is no reason to like the middle seat on a plane; you don’t get easy access to the lavatory or a pretty view from the window, making it the least sought-after seat.

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A heatwave is ravaging Europe right now and the situation is so bad that airport runways and some roads are literally melting.

Temperatures in parts of the U.K. topped 40 degrees Celsius (106 Fahrenheit) on Tuesday and the blistering heat has been so bad that runway issues are actually diverting some flights.

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If you're planning on booking a trip but you're worried about your luggage getting lost, you might have better luck with an airline based outside of North America.

That's according to the latest rankings from, which just revealed its top 20 airlines in the world for travellers.

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Flight data suggests the China Eastern plane crash that killed 132 people in March was caused by an "intentional" act in the cockpit.

U.S. officials say they've taken a first pass at data from the crashed flight's black box, and it suggests that the controls were deliberately adjusted to put the flight into a steep dive before the crash, reported the Wall Street Journal.

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One of the industries most affected by the pandemic has been the travel industry. And, with so many things changing as countries gear up to open up, keeping up with local COVID-19 travel restrictions can be confusing.

It seems like every day there's a new update to border measures, whether it be a new restriction being lifted or new rules regarding getting tested to board a flight.

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