In case you forgot, a once chart-topping pop star, Akon, is building a $6-billion smart city in Senegal which will be appropriately named Akon City.

According to Business Insider, the new city will be run entirely on a cryptocurrency called Akoin and the whole aim of the project is to empower the youth of Africa.

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After enjoying some remarkable success throughout the early 2000's, Akon seemed to disappear from the music scene after the release of his most recent studio album Freedom in 2008.  It turns out the "Smack That" singer has been devoting much of his time to philanthropic projects over the past decade, culminating in the creation of his Konfidence Foundation which aims "to improve the quality of life for people in Africa and the United States."

Luckily for us, Akon has begun his return to the music scene and will be embarking on a summer tour to raise hype for the highly anticipated release of his fourth studio album Stadium.  On June 28th Akon will be stopping through Halifax and playing a show at Pacifico for only $55 per ticket.  Jam out to retro tunes like "Don't Matter" and "I Wanna Love You" with Akon this summer, and transport yourself back to the simpler times that were 2005.  For more ticket information click here.  

Je te parle d'un temps où y'avait des "soirées dansantes". D'un temps où tu commençais à sortir dans les bars, d'un temps où le Diable Vert existait pis qu'on a encore sa fermeture sur le coeur. Des hits qui nous faisaient danser ou, du moins, qui nous faisaient croire qu'on pouvait. D'un hiver où le succès Right Now Na Na Na jouait à la planche pis que c'tait pas grave si t'étais saoule, tu t'en rappelles.

Ça te tente de revivre tout ça et même un peu plus ? Akon sera en spectacle au Petit Olympia le mercredi 23 septembre pour interpréter les nouveaux succès de son dernier album Stadium. Après une pause de 7 ans, le revoilà en force. On s'est ennuyééééééé !!

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