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Nature lovers have crowned the best fat bear of 2022, but only after a super messy vote and a cheating scandal that rocked the competition.

On Tuesday, Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve announced a bear named 747 had been voted the winner of Fat Bear Week, a tournament that celebrates a chunky bear’s success in preparation for winter hibernation.

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If you've been complaining about inflation and the soaring cost of your groceries lately, consider yourself lucky that you don't have to buy milk in Alaska.

An American living in rural Alaska is spilling all the tea on TikTok about the price of groceries there, and let's just say the sticker shock is real.

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A woman found a newborn baby abandoned in a cardboard box in Alaska on New Year's Eve, along with a hand-written note asking for him to go to a good home.

Local resident Roxy Lane found the baby at an intersection in the city of Fairbanks around 2 p.m. on December 31, according to a police press release.

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It's been revealed that all tourists will be able to get Alaska's COVID-19 vaccines starting this summer.

Governor Mike Dunleavy made the announcement and shared details about the initiative, which will allow anybody coming into the state to get a vaccine dose for free if they want it.

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After an official agency sent out a tsunami warning in B.C., many British Columbians were concerned.

Minutes later, the agency corrected themselves and said that there was no warning and more info was on its way — but the damage was done and not as many people retweeted the correction as they did the original mistaken tweet.

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