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If there's one thing that most Canadians are united on, it's groaning over how much gas costs these days. To make things worse, one Redditor decided to share a throwback photo of gas prices in Alberta in March 2020, and people were so sad about it.

The Reddit post, titled "Remember when? Gas prices on March 23 2020," shows the low price of 68.9 cents a litre for gas in Alberta right around the time when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada.

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Alberta drops its fuel tax in the province on April 1 to help combat “skyrocketing” gas prices — and, no, it's not an April Fools' joke.

Premier Jason Kenney blamed rising fuel costs on “uncertainty caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” and the federal government’s plan to raise the carbon tax by 3 cents per litre from April 1.

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Vancouver gas prices are up by 5 cents a litre in the last two days alone, which is a pretty steep rise.

On November 23, you could fill up for 157.9 cents a litre, but that's predicted to climb to 162.9 cents a litre by November 25, according to Gas Wizard.

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