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Halloween is less than two weeks away and it's time to start thinking about party plans. Whether you're going out, staying in, or hosting an off the hook house party, you're going to need some booze to fuel you up for a night of Halloween haunting.

Skip the boring vodka shots or nasty tequila shots, we've got something WAYY better. These Fireball Apple Cider shots are exactly what you think they are - sweet, a little tart, a teeny spicy, and a whole lot boozy. It's the perfect fall themed booze that will warm up your body for those cold October nights.

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Everyone loves shots, and don't even get me started about jello shots. And just when you thought these pink lemonade jello shots were the pinnacle of your summer, here comes watermelon shots!

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It's felt like million years, but summer vibes and summer weather have finally hit! No more books, no more studying, no more chunky sweaters, no more predicting what the weather is going to be like, the sun is out, and it's going to be out for a while.

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