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Calling all sushi lovers, Vancouver has tons of amazing all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants to visit to satisfy any cravings.

You might want to come hungry because these spots will feed you sushi until you can't eat anymore — literally. Plus, there are even some budget-friendly ones around that won't make your wallet hurt.

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We all know how freaking good Japanese food and Korean food are. Thankfully, Vancouver's food scene consistently delivers a delicious taste of Asia. But can you imagine getting to eat as much sushi and Korean BBQ as you want?

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I don't think it's necessary to convince you how great tacos are - you're probably well aware of this amazing, delicious food invention that has you saying yes to more. Tacos can pretty much be a taste of happiness.

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Poutine is one of the best Canadian food inventions and many Canadians all across the nation have a shared love for this gravy filled, cheesy, fried potato goodness.

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