Is there anything better than watching falling snow as you count down the days to Christmas?

Well, Ontario's December weather might surprise us with just that this year.

According to The Canadian Farmers' Almanac for 2021, snow will sweep eastward through the province between December 20 and 23 this year.

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October is almost over, and that means that people are going to start thinking about Canada's winter forecast. What will the season look like this year, and how soon is the snowy weather going to start? That all depends on where you live.

The Farmer's Almanac has its winter outlook for the end of 2020 out right now, and they have made predictions about when each Canadian region will see its first snow. Depending on how you feel about winter, it's time to either get excited or afraid.

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As much as we probably don't want to think about it, winter is still coming. The snowy season may officially still be a few weeks away, but Canada's winter forecast for 2020 gives us an idea of how it will look. Across the country, people will be experiencing a mixed bag of weather.

The Farmer's Almanac has released its preview of how winter is going to look in Canada, and some of the predicted weather patterns might actually be surprising to some.

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