It seems like Michael Bublé is really getting into TikTok, and his latest duet is so random and a little bit ridiculous.

On Friday, December 3, the Canadian crooner posted a video on his social media ... pretending to be a llama.

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Are you searching for a magical place where you can walk with alpacas in Ontario? Well, get ready to meet your new and very fluffy best friend. 

These seven farms will let you get out and stretch your legs while taking a happy stroll with the most adorable llamas and alpacas.

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Some may think that reindeer are simply a work of fiction, but they're actually real. While they can't really fly, you can actually hang out with them at this reindeer Christmas farm in Clare, Michigan to really get into the holiday spirit this year.

This farm, located about an hour north of Grand Rapids, is the absolute perfect place to take anyone so obsessed with Christmas that they need to see the real deal. 

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