Although Halifax is one of the smaller cities in Canada, it surprisingly has had a massive celebrity presence. Athletes, politicians, musicians and artists alike attended some of the universities in Halifax and have gone out into the world to pursue careers and amazing goals.

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You'll most likely hear and see thingsin university or college that will seem unbelievable. Whether you're in your freshmen year or you're an alumni, there are particular stories everyone eventually becomes familiar with as soon as they become a student.

Did any crazy encounters or situations happen that you're aware of in your university? Perhaps it's on this list. If not, feel free to contribute your story in the comments section!

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Each and every Western student has a very different university experience, and there are an infinite number of experiences to be had. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure: you're guaranteed to have the "Best Student Experience" (according to surveys ?)

While the experiences you hold closest are probably very specific and unique to your own journey, there are a few universal experiences that most (if not all) Western students have. These universal experiences function as reasons: reasons to choose Western, reasons to love Western, and reasons to be a proud Mustang forever.

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