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A lot of the Hollywood magic that you see in the movies isn't actually Hollywood movie sets, but spots right across our very own Toronto.

Toronto is very rich in film culture, providing one of the world's best film festivals and also providing filmmakers with beautiful locales to tell their on screen stories. Here are some spots across Toronto that you may recognize from some of your favourite movies!

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Toronto's ability to morph into a variety of American cities makes it attractive to directors and producers trying to get the most bang for their buck.  Our city offers unique vistas and state of the art production companies that can transform Toronto into a Dystopian metropolis like that in Cosmopolis or a city over run by video game characters like in Pixels. Here is a list of 20 of Toronto's best cinematic representations. Can you spot the Toronto landmarks?

Photo cred- Jake Cadaverous

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Photo cred - Nitra Bane

Have you ever been downtown Toronto and seen a bright yellow NYC taxi cruising the streets or parked somewhere along a busy street and thought to yourself 'Go Home taxi, you're drunk'? Now quite possibly a taxi driver got a little lost and ended up in the wrong city but most often, these taxi's are usually props on movie sets where our very own Toronto plays the Big Apple.

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