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Crave Wings has soft-launched in Toronto, and they're serving up anime culture with a side of wings.

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If you grew up watching or playing Pokémon then your childhood was as good as it gets. And by that, we mean that the franchise is pretty stellar. San Antonio's PokéFest is back this summer and will give fans of Pokémon, as well as fans of all anime, a chance to relive their stellar childhoods. 

PokéFest San Antonio has announced that it'll be returning to the city for its fifth year this summer, and it's coming back better than ever!

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There's something about a classic anime or cartoon we grew up on that fills our soul with joy; while we'll never understand why nostalgia's power level is over 9000, we're thankful it brings us awesome restaurants like Soupa Saiyan in Jacksonville.

This Dragonball Z themed noodle spot got its start in Orlando in 2016, but when we found out it was opening a new location in Jacksonville, we lost it.

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Rarely are events hosted where we're able to dress up as our favorite anime character, which is why when they do, we hold that special occasion close to our hearts. A wild anime convention in Dallas is taking place this winter, and it'll be three days worth of dressing up, finding exclusive merch, checking out special appearances and so much more.

Start planning your outfits now, because the convention will be here before we know it!

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That’s right anime lovers, Toronto has its very own anime café. Located in Markham, it’s the first of its kind in Ontario. Akiba Kissa has a large stock of English mangas (including the incredibly popular Fullmetal Alchemist), specialty desserts (featuring lovable characters like Pikachu and Totoro), a gaming room, and a screening room with access to all of the anime on CrunchyRoll. It’s pretty much anime heaven.

The admission is $15, but this gets you one of their specialty drinks and unlimited access to the entire facility. Personally, I spent most of my time slaying at Mario Kart on the Wii U. They also hold special gaming events, where gamers can come in large groups and face each other on the custom-built arcade style machines in the back room.

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