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Having a fun weekend or vacay doesn’t have to take a lot of planning or travelling — a drive to Toronto is all it takes to experience a whole new roster of exciting activities (along with places to stay and eat).

If you love visiting the city but find yourself doing the same things over and over and again, Destination Toronto is challenging you to discover your "Never Have I Ever" moment.

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Toronto neighbourhoods often distinguish themselves through the people and buildings that inhabit them. Toronto's Annex is no exception.

In this episode of Then&Now, Toronto Historian Morgan Cameron Ross explores the storied history of a neighbourhood that was annexed by the city in the late 1800s, and since its development around this time, "has always been quite prosperous," explains Ross.

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Canadians seem to be obsessed with proposed acquisitions of new lands and territories. Within the past ten years, they have debated the possible joining of various American states and island nations to Canada, including: California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, and even Iceland.

More recently, another U.S. territory has landed in Canada's crosshairs Alaska. In an online poll on Reddit asking Canadians which U.S. states they would like to join their country, Alaska was revealed as the most favoured state for annexation:

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Could Quebec actually abandon Canada to become New York's newest American neighbour to the north? Well, if all the stars aligned for one Canadian political party, they would definitely do everything in their power to make it happen.

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Toronto is famously referred to as one of the most diverse cities in the world for having a significantly multicultural population. But multiculturalism isn’t the only aspect that makes Toronto diverse - it also has a particularly heterogenous neighbourhood landscape. In fact, it has been coined “the city of neighbourhoods” because it has so many characteristic subdistricts.

Each neighbourhood in Toronto has its own unique history. A few of them have rather peculiar names that are intriguing and raise curiosity. Here are 12 Toronto neighbourhoods and the history behind their names:

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