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It may seem like a good idea to just pop a zit whenever it, well, pops up, but the best thing to do is to slap a patch on it and let it disappear overnight.

It sounds like magic, doesn’t it? 

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Lady Gaga's Little Monsters were probably thrilled to hear that her documentary Five Foot Two was finally released on Netflix.

Most of the 31-year-old singer's fans were eagerly awaiting the release, after Gaga announced that she planned on taking a break from music.

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Noone is perfect, especially not your boyfriend. 

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Here in Ottawa, we love to complain about OC Tranpso. It's never on time, it's never clean (okay but it's a fact) and worst of all, the people who ride the bus are animals. We don't need to smell your breakfast sandwich that you got from Tim Horton's, we're already hungry.

There are a bunch of weird humans on the bus, and we've got to admit that the things they do are annoying as f*ck. Don't even get me started on acquaintances you see from high school that think you want to catch up. I don't. So here are 15 other annoying things people need to stop doing on the OC Tranpso ASAP.

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There are many things that we love about Toronto, from the sports teams to the food, even the way the city smells after it rains. But just like living anywhere in the world there are qualms about living amongst three million other people.

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