There's a lot to love about spending happy hour with coworkers, family or friends: good food and drinks, good vibes, good company and, with summer in full force, sunny patios. Since we've all become so used to spending time at home, you might be missing this part of your social life. With restrictions lifting across Canada, now is the perfect chance to embrace happy hour like the Italians do.

Instead of a standard happy hour, why not host an aperitivo hour? This wonderful tradition really takes the Italian "art of slowing down" seriously, and prioritizes enjoying time with family and friends.

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Que ce soit entre collègues, entre ami.es ou en famille, les happy hours sont des moments privilégiés qui incluent souvent des petites bouchées, un assortiment de boissons, beaucoup de bonne humeur et avec un peu de chance, une terrasse ensoleillée.

Au lieu d'un 5 à 7 classique, pourquoi ne pas organiser un aperitivo? Cette merveilleuse tradition italienne te permettra de t'ouvrir l'appétit de façon graduelle et agréable tout en priorisant le temps passé en famille et entre ami.es. Un rituel qui donne vraiment vie à l' « art de prendre son temps ».

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From the dramatic cliffsides of the Amalfi Coast to the patchwork of vineyards that line the Tuscan countryside, Italy has become the place to visit over the last few years. However, with travel restrictions across the country, we can't marvel at the Colosseum in person, take a gondola ride through the narrow canals of Venice or eat mouthfuls of fresh pasta al dente in Rome. 

But just because you can’t go to Italy right now, doesn’t mean that a little Italy can’t come to you. There are tons of ways to make your apartment the ultimate Italian vacation destination — from mastering the art of aperitivo to turning your outdoor space into your very own Roman piazza — even if you're not actually leaving home. 

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