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Parmi les nombreuses choses merveilleuses qui font d'être un Montréalais une expérience amusante et authentiquement canadienne, il y a — tu l'auras deviné — le hockey.

Entre son énergie, sa tradition et sa popularité, le hockey est (pour la plupart des habitants du Grand Nord, en tout cas) l'un des plus beaux sports qui soient. D'ailleurs, ce ne sont pas les partisans des Canadiens de Montréal qui diront le contraire!

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If you've ever how long you'd last if you were in the Walking Dead, you've finally got the opportunity to see if you'd survive- literally! 

Bingeman's, well known for their haunted attractions come Halloween season are hosting a 'Paintball Zombie Hunt.' Your objective, whether you opt to go solo or make a team out of your family and friends, is to eliminate as many zombies as you can to save humanity! 

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If you’re looking for a scare this Halloween, skip the horror movies and head over to High Park instead for a real haunted experience.

Every year, haunted ghost walks are held at the park in the black of night. Brave participants make their through the allegedly haunted grounds and are told eerie stories of paranormal events that were reported in the past. The haunted ghost walks are a perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit without having to go out of the city.

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