If architecture is your thing, then this unique house for sale in Vancouver giving off major Tarzan vibes will definitely impress.

The home is like a luxury take on a treehouse, set back in the forest of North Vancouver.

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Walking through the Cabbagetown neighbourhood of Toronto for only a few minutes, it can quickly become apparent what sets this area apart from others in the city.

In this episode of Then&Now, Toronto Historian Morgan Cameron Ross looks back at the neighbourhood that has the "largest preserved continuous area of Victorian houses in North America."

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In the booming trend of remote work, it's easy to understand why so many Canadians have recently migrated to the East Coast.

Besides being surrounded by tranquil seacoast and nature, life in Atlantic Canada feels different. In Nova Scotia, there's less traffic, the people are warm and welcoming and everything moves a little slower.

You can live in a small town or in the heart of Halifax's thriving arts and culture scene and still be close to lakes, rivers and enchanting outdoor spaces. 

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You'll actually want to study after seeing these beautiful Ontario universities.

The province is home to some of the top universities in the country and clearly some of the prettiest too.

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Who knew the TD Towers had something other than Canoe? 

The building is literally a time capsule. The TD Centre, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, opened in 1968 and the entire building is protected under the Ontario Heritage Act.

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