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The 2022 Midterm Elections came close in a couple of U.S. states. Arizona's results were still being counted last night but Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs was, in the end, elected governor against Republican and Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake.

The Arizona gubernatorial race drew attention, in part, because during Lake's campaign, she started Twitter drama with the Congressional Representative of Wyoming, Liz Cheney.

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Despite its reputation as a winter wonderland, Canada can be a tough place to spend the colder months of the year. And if you're not particularly into ice skating, hitting the slopes or snowshoeing into the wilderness, it can also be pretty boring.

Thankfully, there are parts of the world you can escape to that are warm, sunny and full of fun things to do — and it's not even expensive to get there.

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This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

An Arizona man drowned last month in the city of Tempe, even as police officers stood by and shrugged off his calls for help.

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We love being enchanted by the beautiful world that surrounds us and the amazing adventures that come with it. Nestled 2-miles from Willow Beach is an Emerald Cave in Arizona, where you can go on a magical kayaking adventure.

This magnificent cave is located on Black Canyon Water Trail along the Colorado River. The river runs between Arizona and Nevada, so you'll get the best of both worlds. With this specific kayaking tour, you get snacks, a professional tour guide, and your own touring kayak. Along the way, you might get to see some bald eagles or big-horned sheep.

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Arizona might be known for its deserts, but there are some truly stunning green spaces hidden throughout the state — and you can only get the best views by rail.

The Verde Canyon Railroad offers an amazing four-hour sightseeing experience through central Arizona, where you can see the completely untouched greenery of the state from a route that only a train can reach.

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