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Have you ever been so mad or heartbroken that you decided to break into a museum and smash $5 million worth of historical artifacts?

Police say a man stormed into the Dallas Museum of Art on Wednesday night and destroyed $5 million worth of ancient artifacts in a smashing spree.

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If you’ve always dreamt of going to an Ivy League university but you were anxious about being rejected or going into debt, then now's the time to make that dream come true.

A bunch of Ivy League universities are offering free online courses this spring, and you can learn from the best and brightest while staying home and cozy.

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Since I've started working from home, getting out of the house can be a real treat. Although between the gym, the mall and the movie theatre, my routine has grown quite stale.

Knowing that Ottawa has a fantastic (and underestimated) arts scene, and I'd love to explore all it offers, I've still been hesitant to splurge on myself.

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Are you a lover of mimes, theatre, comedy and free stuff? If so, this one-man show put on by Théâtre français de Toronto, CORPUS and Jamii might be right up your alley.

La Bulle is a silent hour-long outdoor show in a bubble tent coming to Toronto from August 31 to September 5.

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If Yonge Street is looking fresher these days, don't be surprised. A new outdoor art gallery is hanging above the Toronto Eaton Centre, and it was created by three students.

The careers of OCAD University student Daria Joyce, 20, and alum Jason Zante, 22, have taken flight this year after scoring massive billboards in the Eaton Centre's new art corridor exhibit.

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