So far it's been nice out but the nights have already dropped to zero. It's coming, the cold is definitely coming. I've heard we are supposed to get an early winter this year but it's not like I'm a meteorologist.

Winter is on its way, though regardless, I do know that until it is here, let's make the most of it! We have a couple months left depending on how the weather goes

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It's just about Halloween and all of the Halloween stores are opened up and ready to go! They have amazing costumes but we all don't have $100 to drop on them. You totally don't NEED those expensive costumes to look great this Halloween though.

From the new "IT" movie, to "Annabelle: Creation" and all our fave TV shows like Riverdale and The Handmaid's Tale, there are so many great new Halloween costume ideas for this year. You can totally make these yourself on the cheap so here are 27 Halloween Costumes For 2017 If You're Broke AF.

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The struggle of going back to school is real. Those first few weeks always take some getting used to. Lectures paired with chapters and chapters of reading can get boring pretty quick.

Not all classes are boring though! Study abroad programs offer the opportunity to learn while travelling the world and having insane experiences. Check out the programs and see just what craziness the world has to offer!

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