At this point in the year, a hot sunny day in Nova Scotia is still a true novelty.  As soon as the temperature gets above 15 and the sun is out, people are on the patio, enjoying drinks, and spending as much time tanning as possible.  You’ve probably experienced that late spring sunburn that comes from thinking you don’t need sunscreen yet.  If you’re a true optimist you may have even broken out those cargo shorts once or twice in 2017.

As the first of June quickly approaches, we look forward to having three solid months of summery weather that’s only going to keep getting better and better.  Scroll through the list below and pick a bunch of hikes, bike routes, boat tours and beaches that you and your friends need to hit at some point this summer.

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In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, on July 1st D.J. Deadmau5, Matt Mays and a huge group of other talented Canadian artists will be playing free shows in the Halifax Common.  At the nearby Emera Oval there will also be a variety of installation art pieces presented from creators all over the world. 

The Halifax Regional Municipality will be hosting a ton of free events throughout Halifax and Dartmouth to celebrate Canada 150 – to learn more click the link here, and get a group of friends together to start planning for July 1st! 

Looking for some ways to cool down this summer that don't include just swimming in a lake or having a beer? Are you wandering around your city trying to come up with ways to beat the heat? Instead of spending your afternoon on a patio, why not go on an adventure. 

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After you’ve spent a long day exploring the historic town of Lunenburg, there’s nothing better than a delicious meal and a cold drink on the patio of one of these fourteen local gems.  Whether you’ve lived in Lunenburg your whole life, or plan on road tripping out for a visit this summer, be sure to stop by one of these fourteen restaurants if you’re looking to try a delicious local meal.

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Road trip out to Cheticamp this summer and go for a swim in this emerald gypsum quarry that lies at the end of a short hiking trail, beginning along the Cheticamp Back Road.  Not only will you get the chance to experience some epic views of this stunning pool from the edge of surrounding cliffs, but there are also footpaths that lead down to the quarry's edge, where people can swim and sunbathe.

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