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It's been a wild year! When it comes to Canada's top 10 weather stories in 2020, they were all pretty extreme and Snowmageddon didn't make the number one spot.

Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips announced the top weather stories of the year from across the country on December 16.

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2020 has been a year of not being able to connect in person, so connection had to go virtual, which sometimes just meant scrolling Twitter and sharing your opinion about literally whatever.

Twitter is, essentially, the mall food court of the internet, so like a bunch of middle school students, that's where a lot of us hung out and shared what was important or meant something to us.

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Buying a house is still something that plenty of people aspire to. However, finding a place where there are affordable homes isn't always easy. With Canadian real estate, though, it all depends on where you want to live, as prices in some markets have actually dropped by thousands of dollars over the last five years.

While some markets like Toronto and Vancouver are likely going to stay expensive for a long time, there are a few cities where benchmark prices for single-family homes have not only stayed fairly reasonable but have actually fallen since 2015.

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On August 7 of 2020, a lawsuit was filed against Carole Baskin in an attempt to get more information for Don Lewis' family's Pure Bill of Discovery. And their legal battles aren't over. Now a new lawsuit against Baskin and Big Cat Rescue is coming out of John M. Phillip's office, which evens includes her husband Howie.

On August 22, John M. Phillips released a statement regarding the new suit on Phillip's & Hunt's web page titled Justice For The Family Of Don Lewis. The lawyer also later shared the statement on his Facebook page, as of about an hour ago.

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You might have to say goodbye to your favourite club. Another Toronto strip club is dealing with COVID-19 after seven people tested positive. The news has caused Mayor John Tory to suggest closing down all adult entertainment hubs.

Club Paradise at 1313 Bloor St. W. in Toronto announced it would be closing for two weeks after six of its staff and one patron became sick.

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