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You can step up your skincare routine without a trip to the spa thanks to these homemade treatments.

Maria Velve, a Toronto "green beauty expert," shared three easy face mask recipes that you can make with common ingredients found in your kitchen.

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You can't really call yourself a San Antonian if you don't love avocados! Just kidding, but avocados really are a huge ingredient used in many Tex-Mex dishes from local San Antonio restaurants that it is clear why the city would host its own avocado festival. The first-ever San Antonio Avocado Fest is coming on May 4th, and you will not want to miss it. 

Prepare yourself for over 15 different local favorite restaurants and vendors who will be serving up their best dishes that will all feature the heavenly green fruit. You can taste all kinds of foods from the freshest guacamole to cheesy avocado quesadillas to melts, nachos, and more. There will even be avocado desserts to top off your afternoon of delicious indulging!

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We all love avocado - avocado toast, avocado eggs, avocado pretty much everything and it tastes bomb.

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It's all been heard before. How Millennials are the laziest generation, how we're entitled and lack purpose and drive. Well that's enough. Because we're a generation of untapped potential and possibility. We're a new breed that seeks experience and fulfillment and might have a slight addiction to instagram. 

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