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The Sunshine State: known for its near-perfect year-round weather and stretches of perfect sparkling sandy beaches. While it's beautiful and all, sometimes we just need other things to do around Tampa when we're over the beach.

On this list, you'll find a little bit of everything from boozy juice pouches and video games to vintage vinyl book cafes, mouthwatering and healthy lunch spots, immersive art, and more to keep you entertained without having to hit the waves.

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When it comes to the food scene, Florida is cookin' up all sorts of over the top & mouth-watering bites, but sometimes they're not as healthy as we'd like — and it's even harder to find diverse options when you eat vegan. If you're looking for healthy & vegan-friendly food options in Tampa, look no further than Florida's first avocado bar.

Swami Juice has been a local favorite for cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and colorful acai bowls, but the healthy little spot in Tampa just took their game a step further by opening Florida's very first avocado bar. True to its name, you'll find all things avo at their bar'vocado, including toasts & salads piled high with toppings.

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We've all heard the theory that states Millenials could buy houses much quicker if they didn't eat avocado toast for breakfast. Well, one Canadian condo developer is really taking this seriously by offering free avocado toast for a year to anyone who buys one of their condos. In an attempt to appeal to the millennial market, the Kira project in Vancouver is offering this deal to anyone who purchases a condo within the first weekend of sales. 

Woodbridge Homes, builders of the Kira project, told CTV News that they are hoping the free toast offer could encourage young homebuyers to purchase a condo down in metro-Vancouver. Although free avocado toast for a year isn't exactly what you are thinking. Upon purchasing a condo, buyers will receive a gift card to a local restaurant that has the amount on it needed to order avocado toast one day a week for a year. 

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Millennials aka Generation Y gets a lot of flak for just about everything these days. It's an understatement to say most of our parents and grandparents just don't really understand us.

They're upset when we spend $7 for avocado toast. They don't know what a selfie is and why we need to take 100 of them. They'll never understand why we can't just work a job till retirement, and need things like a purpose and a belief in what we're doing. It's really not our fault that we haven't hit the same milestones they did when they were our age - but they don't seem to get that. 

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Having reviewed many of the different news channels that have touched on the subject of millenials not being able to afford homes due to the irresistability of avocado toast, we had but one thought:

Where in the housing-crisis-hell can we get some avocado toast?!

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