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Whew. Life is rife with awkwardness and taboo topics. But it's about time we change that. Let's challenge social barriers and prepare to get a little uncomfortable for the sake of becoming blockage free — emotionally, socially, and physically.

We get it — you've been taught that some things are just better left unsaid. Talk about money? Not in polite company. Having the kid chat with your new beau? Only if you want to come on way too strong. Tell your toilet tales? Definitely not.

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Not to be dramatic but if someone suggests a coffee date as a first date I genuinely consider telling them I've moved to a different country. Why? I'm an awkward person and sitting down with someone I barely know where we are supposed to keep up a conversation all night is basically my worst nightmare. 

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In our day and age, a lot of people meet through dating apps and services. Especially since it's pretty hard to meet someone in Ottawa, it's a great way to get yourself out there and being able to pick out your type is even better.

Once you've done all the necessary getting to know each other small talk, you realize you're interested in more or you just stop replying (everyone knows this feeling). It's hard choosing places for a first date when you've never met the person before, especially if you're scared of it being awkward. I mean, a lot of first dates are awkward but they make for great stories when you actually do start dating the person. I'm not saying these places are guaranteed to buy their love forever, but these 9 places are sure to make you feel more comfortable and less like you've signed up for an awful reality dating show.

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Il y a quelques mois, on apprenait qu'il y avait une section inconnue de (presque) tous à  nos messages privés sur Facebook : les messages filtrés. Basically, il s'agit de tous les messages qu'on nous envoie qui ont supposément encore moins de chances de nous intéresser, venant de personnes qui ne font pas partie de notre liste amis.

J'sais pas pour vous, mais j'ai trouvé de réels petits bijoux là-dedans. Pis on s'est rendus compte, avec les autres filles de Narcity, qu'on en avait toutes reçues des pas pires weird/creepy.

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On trouve de petites merveilles, sur Internet parfois. Que ce soit de nouvelles personnes à connaitre, de nouveaux bands à découvrir ou des photographes qui te coupent le souffle, y'en a simplement toujours à découvrir et à adorer!

Par contre, on trouve aussi des trucs un peu moins glorieux. J'vous ai déjà parlé des pires statuts de la page Spotted : STM, mais là on vient de passer à un autre niveau. J'savais pas qu'on pouvait trouver autant de trucs weird sur Kijiji. Personnellement, j'y vais juste si je me cherche un appart' ou un gros achat du genre, mais on dirait que y'a des gens qui y sont vraiment plus familier que moi.

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