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Impossible d'utiliser l'application TikTok sans tomber sur les fameuses pâtes aux tomates et fromage Feta qui font fureur un peu partout dans le monde. Plusieurs ont même renommé la recette de Baked Feta Pasta les « TikTok pasta ».

L'engoument y est; le mot-clic #TikTokPasta a actuellement 30,6 M de vues sur le réseau social, et #BakedFetaPasta 69,6 M de vues.

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Coffee is one of life's small pleasures, and there's no shortage of this drink in the city.

These local Toronto coffee shops are serving up some incredible brews, and you'll want to become a regular at all of them.

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If your bank account has been looking a little empty lately, you're not the only one. But just because it's tight doesn't mean you have to compromise on incredible food. There are foods in Edmonton under $10 and you need to try them all. 

Edmonton's food scene is quite underrated if you ask us. The city is filled with amazing restaurants, all of which serve some of the most unique dishes from a variety of cuisines. 

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If you love cute towns and mountain life, chances are that you'll come upon Canmore at some point in your life (or maybe every weekend). So it's always a good idea to keep track of the local restaurants in case you decide to stop in for something to eat on the way to your next hike. These are some Canmore restaurants that will make your time in the town just that much better. 

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