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On Christmas Eve 2020, Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter that accused the president-elect, Joe Biden, of wide-spread voter fraud during the recent presidential election. 

The video begins by saying that Trump created millions of jobs, saved the economy during the pandemic, and led the effort to discover a vaccine at “warp speed.” It continues to say that Trump was rewarded with 74,000,000 votes.

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The Los Angeles County Registrar agreed with one aspect of Donald Trump's tweet yesterday accusing the state of election fraud — the video he posted DOES show ballots.

The timing of the video is what makes a difference, though: The video shows ballots being collected on the day after the election after boxes were locked at 8 p.m. the night prior.

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On Saturday, November 7, Joe Biden was reported to be the new president-elect of The United States after a drawn-out vote-counting process that began on November 3. Following the reports, Trump's reaction was nowhere to be found. 

While politicians including Justin Trudeau and Jason Kenney came forward online to congratulate Biden — Donald Trump, has remained relatively silent. 

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Americans will wake up once again with no definitive answer to who’s won the U.S. election.

As sources like CBC News and The Associated Press project that Biden has won the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, the Trump campaign is now challenging these vote counts.

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Not all polling places are quite like the other, and California took that to the next level yesterday when people cast their votes at some downright odd yet extremely whimsical locations. These are the weirdest polling places from Election Day 2020, and all of them are in California.

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