It seems like centuries ago since we went heavy on the under-eye eyeliner and wore electric green hair (then proceeded to get in trouble at school for it). Though those days seemed long gone, it might be time to bring on back those plaid pants and skull accessories. Weezer, Greenday, and Fall Out Boy aren't going to keep you off the boulevard of broken dreams because they just announced dates for their tour and they are stopping in two Texas cities!

"THE HELLA MEGA TOUR" will hit Dallas July 31, 2020, at the Globe Life Field. I know that seems far away, but it just means you have to start getting your crew together to buy tickets. After Dallas, they will head to Houston and play at Minute Maid Park on August 1. Tickets go on sale in just three days on September 16 at 10 a.m., and with the hype, they are getting you to have to be sure to get on right at 10.

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Growing up in the 2000s: You weren't scene. You weren't emo. You were pop punk. "Check Yes Juliet" and "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" were on your playlist. Band tees and wristbands were part of your daily attire. Thick black eyeliner was the only makeup you needed in your life.

With Warped Tour skipping Toronto this summer and pop punk seemingly starting to die, it's time to start defending pop punk. Because let's be honest: once you're pop punk, you're forever pop punk.

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La rue St-Denis sera ouverte seulement aux piétons pour l'occasion! Si tu es un peu nostalgique d'une époque que tu n'as pas connue, comme moi... ça me semble un bon moyen de le vivre, au moins une fois. Mets ton plus bel habit de pin-up, un beau rouge à lèvres pétant et va profiter de cet événement qui est dans le cadre des Rendez-Vous ROCK N' ROLL.

Plusieurs activités sont au programme. Tel que, la première médiatique du spectacle Grease, un Karaoké extérieur géant au Bar Saint-Sulpice (21h00 à 23h00), une exposition de voitures anciennes, des danseurs & cheerleaders sur place, des bands en live, la rue avec toutes ses terrasses... sans oublier le plus important: les gens, le soleil et l'ambiance de l'époque.

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